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Master your life...

"Release your pain, trauma & unprocessed emotions to thrive and feel at ease in your mind, body & life." 

Through a process known as somatisation, years of unprocessed trauma and bottled up emotions can lead to very real physical symptoms, side effects and consequences.


Your past traumas and unprocessed emotions are linked to unconscious negative thought patterns which trigger your body’s fight-flight-freeze response. Overtime, this leads to an overload of your nervous and lymphatic system leaving you feeling depleted, unwell, and out of flow.

When your mind, body, and nervous system are stuck in a near-constant state of stress, negative symptoms and side effects begin to manifest.

These will manifest first as minor pain, tension, and discomfort before becoming chronic and leading to more serious health issues and consequences.

Years of unprocessed traumas and bottled up emotions will affect your energy levels, relationships, family, social, and/or work life, before affecting your mental and physical health.

By working with me, you will release  blocked or stagnant energies causing pain, discomfort or un-ease, identify the unprocessed traumas and emotions affecting you, and reprogramme your mind, body, nervous and lymphatic system to get you unstuck, in better health and connected to the best version of you. 


How can it help you?

Most people are unconsciously stuck in fight-flight-freeze; they are out of flow & harmony. Realignment Therapy is a fully personalised approach that works to reverse this by releasing any dense, stagnant and negative energies keeping you stuck in pain and survival. 

  • Posture Realignment
  • Mobility, Flexibility & Sporting Performance
  • Physiotherapy & Injury Recovery
  • Pain Management & Release
  • Enhance Mind-Body Connection
  • Body Reprogramming
  • Emotional Reprogramming
  • Reverse Somatic Disorders
  • Nervous System Reset
  • Lymphatic System Reset
  • Deep Myofascial Healing

What Clients Say

"Nicole's Realignment Therapy was a transformative journey that awakened my soul and rejuvenated my being. Her skilled touch and calming presence allowed me to release tension and sink into deep relaxation. The infusion of spiritual elements created a safe space for self-exploration, and I experienced a profound sense of inner peace and alignment. Nicole's massage is a powerful experience that touches the depths of the soul and leaves a lasting impact on the spiritual journey."


Other Services

Through the various services offered, I help you realign your mind, body and life. Uncover WHO you really are, remember WHY you are really here, and identify WHAT is blocking you from experiencing the life you truly desire. 

Soul Reading

Gain insight into who you are at the soul level using   Astrology,Numerology,Oracle Cards, and Intuitive Divination.

Mastery Coaching

Dive deep into innerstanding your Mind, Body & Soul through my in-depth personal programmes. 

Healing Massage

Gain deep relaxation in both mind & body through the ancient healing practice of Massage combined with Sound & Energy Healing.

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