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What is Realignment Therapy?

Realignment Therapy is a process that works to bring your mind, body and energy back into a state of flow, balance and harmony by releasing unprocessed trauma and suppressed emotions keeping you stuck in survival, out of alignment, and not the best version of you.

Your mind, body and emotions are deeply interconnected; together they make up your energy system. Emotions are energy in motion; when you stop yourself from fully feeling your emotions, the energy becomes trapped within your fascia, lymphatic & nervous system. This causes your mind, body & energy to get stuck in fight-flight-freeze leaving you in burnout and no longer the best version of you.

When your system is working optimally, you are full of energy and full of life. When your system is out of balance, your energy levels diminish, and you begin to decline mentally, physically and, emotionally - you are out of flow.

The core belief behind Realignment Therapy is that most of the pain in our mind, body and life is caused by years of unprocessed trauma and suppressed emotions which overload our lymphatic & nervous system taking us out of balance, flow and harmony. 

Somatic realease with sound
Somatic release through accupressure

How does it work?

While your mind can ignore emotions and pretend they don’t exist, your body cannot block out the electromagnetic signals sent from the brain into the nervous system and begins to overload. The natural flow of energy in your body is distorted causing blockages in your lymphatic system which leads to pain, tension and un-ease; also known as somatic disorders.

When the body, mind and breath are used together, it is possible to reprogramme the nervous system, remove stagnant, dense and heavy energies keeping you stuck in fight-flight or survival, and bring you back into a state of flow, harmony and alignment.

This is accomplished over multiple private sessions using a combination of body movement, fascia release, massage therapy, frequency reprogramming, energy & sound healing, breathwork, guided visualisation and guided meditation.

These sessions will help you develop a stronger mind-body connection, identify where you are holding energetic blocks, release mental, physical & emotional pain, improve your posture & mobility, and bring your mind, body & life back into a state of ease and flow.

Deep myofascial release with accupressure
Somatic release & posture realignment

What are the symptoms?

An overload to your nervous and lymphatic system can manifest in many different ways. Your body will start sending you signals letting you know something is not right, these include but are not limited to: 

Chronic pain, swelling, water retention, stress, anxiety & fatigue, tension, mobility issues, headaches, poor posture, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, insomnia, weight gain or loss, severe joint, muscle or nerve pain, low energy levels, lethargy, shortness of breath, tight chest or chest pain, difficulty breathing, digestive issues, mental overwhelm or incessant mental chatter, body dysmorphia, short attention span, lack of focus, drive or empathy, panic attacks, depression, addictions (food, social media, porn or substances), and painful, uncomfortable or unfulfilling sex. 

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