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Package Options 

To offer the most impact, multiple private sessions are recommended. The below packages offer insight into different areas Realignment Therapy can be helpful, however a consultation is necessary for me to better understand your needs and recommend a fully personalised approach.

All sessions are different and last between 90 minutes to 2.5 hours.

Energy Cleanse & Reset

 1 Therapy Session

A single session runs between 90 minutes to 2 hours and will allow you to cleanse and reset your overall energetic field by clearing out stagnant, heavy and unwanted energies affecting your nervous and lymphatic system causing you physical, mental or emotional pain, distress or challenges.


Realignment Therapy - somatic release
Realignment Therapy - somatic release

Energy Detox

Re-calibrate your body's overall energy system by rewiring your mind, body, lymphatic & nervous system.  Multiple sessions will help you quieten the overthinking mind, ease deep muscle tension or pain in the head, neck, back, shoulders, chest, jaw, spine and joints, improve oxygen intake, blood flow and circulation, decrease stress & anxiety, improve sleep and digestion, enhance focus & awareness, and bring about a deeper sense of peace and relaxation.  This package is ideal for you if you live an active lifestyle, work in a high pressure environment or struggle to slow down and relax.​

Nervous System Reset

Reprogramme your nervous system to boost your energy levels, remove unconscious emotional triggers, and enhance your mental focus & awareness. Dive deeper into any psychosomatic disorders  such as chronic pain, stress, weakness, fatigue, headaches, migraines, shortness of breath, acute muscle tension, insomnia, grief, digestive issues, body image, anxiety, depression, weight lgain, and sexual disorders that stem from long-term unprocessed trauma and suppressed emotions. This package is for you if you are looking to reverse psychosomatic disorders, identify unconscious emotional patterns, strengthen your mind-body connection, and start controlling your own energy.

Realignment Therapy - somatic releaseg

Posture Realignment 

This package focuses on improving your overall posture, mobility, joint health, and sporting performance. As energy becomes stagnant in your body, the natural alignment of your spine and joints is distorted leaving you at higher risk for injury and disease. This package is ideal for you if you are looking to enhance your overall mobility, reverse damage caused by an old wound or injury, take your sporting performance to the next level, improve the way you look and feel in your body, or become aware of postural misalignments causing you pain, tension and premature aging.

DNA Activation

This package allows you to activate dormant abilities as you learn to tap into deeper layers of your mind and energy body. Learn to access your subconscious mind, enhance your mind-body connection, learn to easily process mental overload and unwanted mental chatter, release unhelpful mental and behavioural patterns holding you back, improve your posture, confidence and sporting performance, harmonise your right and left brain hemispheres, slow down premature aging, gain heightened mental and emotional control, attain higher energy levels, gain a greater sense of self and life purpose, and begin to master your energy for self-healing.   This package is ideal for you if you are ready to embark on a truly transformational journey of your mind, body,  and emotions to discover who you really are. 

Realignment Therapy - somatic release

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