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Soul Readings

If you are looking to gain insight into who you really are, learn about the various skills, abilities and gifts you possess, receive guidance on what lessons your soul came here to learn, or discover what mission you came to fulfil, these readings are for you. All readings take place online.


*For prices in KES use 1USD=100KES

Astro-Numerology Reading - 90 mins

Using Astrology and Numerology, learn about who you are at the soul level, discover what are the main lessons you came to learn, and uncover more about the mission you came here to fulfill.

$ 130

Present Life Reading - 60 mins

Gain general guidance and insight into what is taking place in your life at this time and receive practical tips on how best to manage this.

$ 90

Past Life Reading - 60 min

Learn about who you were in a past life, how this is related to your current life, what skills and abilities you have carried forward from that life, and how best to use them in line with your soul mission. 

$ 90

Soul Mission Reading - 60 mins

Learn about your soul's trajectory, discover who you came here to be, and uncover the path you came to experience this lifetime.

$ 90


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